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C.A. Albright & Sons, LLC rolls out new and improved preventative maintenance program - second quarter 2021! image website tanksure2

Dear Valued Customers and Neighbors,

First of all, we hope everyone is well during these trying times. Secondly, we want to thank you for being a loyal customer. Maybe your are not yet a customer, but considering moving your business to another local supplier,  we look forward to welcoming you to our family of happy customers.  We pride ourselves on providing the home comfort you depend on all year round and have been serving our community for over 110 years!

We are excited to announce our NEW C.A. Albright and Sons, LLC. Tune-up and Service Plan options.  Featuring an innovative and incredible new customer benefit: an oil tank replacement payment credit at the time your tank requires replacement!

C.A. Albright and Sons, LLC tune-up customers will be provided $1,000 toward an oil tank replacement and Premium Service Plan customers will now receive $1,500 towards an oil tank replacement when we determine your oil tank needs to be replaced. Non-qualifying* tanks, or tanks in need of immediate repair or replacement, will receive $200 towards a new oil tank. Qualification and  inspection of your tank will take place at the time of your annual tune-up. Coverage will continue each year, provided you renew your service plan annually or receive an annual tune-up each year.

We have made these enhancements to provide our customers with the best service offerings possible. We appreciate your business and wish you and your family the best during these times.


RL Signature

Randy Lent, Owner
C.A Albright and Sons, LLC.

*Examples of non-qualifying tanks include leaking tanks, tanks that were previously patched or repaired, tanks with excessive rust, and tanks that are unstable or found in an unsafe environment. While we cannot guarantee your tank will be replaced before it leaks, we are providing this new process to proactively replace as many oil tanks as possible.


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